JP Car Academy

Welcome at JP Car Academy, the company that has been specialized in Chiptuning for years.

In today’s vehicles, the engine is modulated and monitored by a computer. This computer is also known as engine control unit, which monitors all functions of the engine. The most important for the Chiptuning are: Rate of injection, charging pressure, ignition timing, emission values, knock sensor and fuel injection timing. If these values are modified correct, significantly higher performance can be achieved.

JP Car Academy offers a special training for you if you are interested in Chiptuning. This is an official, certified training given by our automotive expert. We also offer a large database with over 15.000 files! Our files are throughly tested by our automotive engineers. The database will be updated daily and is very easy to use. And last but not least we offer a Fileservice. As a professional chiptuning company we have our own R&D department for product development. All our people of our technical staff are certified and trained professionals, working in the automotive industry for years. Thanks to our large network of car dealers and working with the latest available tools on the market we are able to offer you the best handmade custom remapped files you need.